Sunday, April 1, 2007

V for Vedanta

Warning : any relation to religion in this content is truly fictions…

Vedanta , this very word creates a feel of boredom to many of the ppl. But wat efforts have we taken to know anything about Vedanta. Here I would like to present a factious blog that would talk abt wat modern Vedanta is really about. Let me begin with wat Nikola Tesla and Erwin Schrödinger had to say about Vedanta . They claimed to have been inspired by Vedanta in their discovery of quantum theory. So is this Vedanta an inspiration, facts , something related to spirituality or some nerd philosophy ?

Vedanta, the perennial philosophy, is based on the Vedas. It has Upanishads as its resource . It talks pages and pages abt oneness of the feel of being one. It tells u to conquer the I and defeat it with the v. the main principle of Vedanta is to c this world as a ball of energy. God being the ultimate source of energy. Vedanta is a way of living and realizing. It gives full freedom to each individual to evolve morally and spiritually according to his or her own faith and conviction.

When u close ur eyes wat do u c? nothing right. Yes that is wat we have to realize, the nothingness in this world is the truth. When u feed your body ur freedom is lost. When u start seeing u as a bundle of energy u r free from and bondage the self provides. Thinking positive creates a positive energy around u that is a cause 4 happiness.
Modern Vedanta is called Advaita Vedanta. Advaitha means 'one-ness', or 'not separate into two'. In the Upanishadic times, men were not spoken of as good or bad. Instead, they were recognized into two types - the learned and the ignorant. Ignorant is considered to be dark in thought. Intelligence and freedom of thought has been largely replaced by pointless rituals, hysteria and silly stories that make ur knowledge limited. Although God is the absolute reality, the world has a relative reality. It should therefore not be completely ignored. This is the main principle of Advaita. So keep ur self higher than any thing. Not this body but ur soul.

Ask yourself
The One God is your own. Everything else, including your body, your relatives, your wealth, all you will have to leave one day. Only the time and manner varies. On the face of it, this knowledge offers the indispensable truth and is fit for strong minded people only. However there is a lot more positivism in this concept. Actually, nobody is going anywhere. And we all have this powerful eternal being within ourselves. The One God is always there, whatever happens outside. From asking and pestering God for perishable items in the material world, isn't it time we associated our true selves with something within, which is truly everlasting? Isn't it time we stop running after the material world and live happily, without the twin opposites of either renunciation or greed? No one can take the soul from you. No one can dictate what It is to you. You know

Friday, January 5, 2007

lets make things better

hey.. this is my first blog.i was facinated how this bloging works... its sends a message to thousands and share a tot with the others. i first tot y waste time in doing som not so practical works... but we must all realise that there must always be a starting 4 som thing... yesterday i was stuck with convesation with one of my frd on y we should act responcibly to keep our city clean. we must all realise the fact that wat we do is not for others but for ourselves."Life is too short we shud enjoi it" was his comment on this issue.Enjoing life in no way interfering with our social obligation.yes we must enjoi life but that is not the only reason y we r here. lets make some thing constructive in the small period on earth. lets make things better.small things like not spitting on the road, not littering, not smoking in public places and many other small deeds of urs contribute to the betterment of ur country. u become the architect of the future country."Do u want ur children to grow in a polluted world"? . "Do u want ur grand children to wear a oxygen tank 2 school"? this is where drastic measures r to be made so that we can lead a healthy life throught....